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Alive Scan’s FD-258 Citizenship & Immigration USCIS Fingerprinting Qualifications

Alive Scan is certified by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to fingerprint via Live Scan (digital), FBI FD-258 Ink Cards and the less common SF-87 Ink Fingerprint Card. Applicants needing FD 258 ink fingerprinting MUST be fingerprinted by a certified specialist. Alive Scan is San Diego’s trusted source for USCIS fingerprinting.


Fingerprinting by San Diego Law Enforcement, Police Departments and Sheriff Offices

California police departments and sheriff offices no longer offer ink fingerprinting to the general public. California law enforcement migrated away from providing a fingerprint service to the public in 2005. Alive Scan is San Diego’s trusted US Citizenship & Immigration Services USCIS fingerprinting alternative.


US Citizenship & Immigration Services USCIS Fingerprinting in San Diego

USCIS requires applicants and petitioners for certain immigration benefits to be fingerprinted for the purpose of conducting FBI criminal background checks. To better ensure both the quality and integrity of the process, USCIS processes fingerprint cards for immigration benefits only if an authorized fingerprint site prepares them. In general, USCIS schedules people to be fingerprinted at an authorized fingerprint site after an application or petition is filed. USCIS charges a set fee per person (for most applicants) at the time of filing for this fingerprinting service. Please check the instructions on your Immigration application or petition form to find out if you must be fingerprinted.


The following three points apply for all immigration benefits applications requiring an FD-258 fingerprint check filed with USCIS after March 29, 1998:

  • 1. Do not submit a completed fingerprint card (FD-258) with your application. Your application will be accepted without the fingerprint card attached. If you submit a completed fingerprint card with your application on or after March 29, 1998, the card will be rejected and you will be scheduled to be fingerprinted by USCIS.
  • 2. Do submit fee, in addition to the application fee, payable to USCIS, with your application. The fee is noted at the top of our Forms and Fees page. This charge will cover the cost for you to be fingerprinted by USCIS.
  • 3. After USCIS receives your application, USCIS will provide you with an appointment letter with the location of the nearest USCIS authorized fingerprint site. Please read the instructions in the appointment letter, and take it to USCIS authorized fingerprint site when you go to your fingerprint appointment.
  • For more info please visit: US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


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